Sunday, May 16, 2010

Dancing in the Ocean

There is a view near the port, which is rather breathtaking during the sunset. At night, not so much -though the breeze still provides for an enjoyable moment.
But at night there is a different yet not equally alluring feature. There is a light that dances around with the ocean.  It moves about showering the waves with sparkles and rays as they wash ashore. They move back and fort while the light hides on their ripples as if there is a story to be told from which the waves try to escape and which the light might be scared to trust them with.
The light is so serene yet it seems so troubled. It desperately tries to ensue a moment with the waves and then it seems to be frightened by the distance and disappears. The story the light so despairingly wants to trust the waves with doesn't bother them. So the light relinquishes on its attempt to scream to the world its thoughts. It retrieves for a second or two. Then, it starts to haunt their every move in hopes that the waves will finally listen. It is a dance that goes on all night. A dance in which neither party rests for fear of losing the battle.
Once the sun rises, the light desists completely and the waves breathe peacefully. As expected, of course, the sun does not remain; and, the light will once again pursue the waves hoping to steal a moment of their lives so its story can be heard...


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