Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Episode Eight: The Lively Death

Am I alive? Am I dead? That is the question. But the answer is unknown.
Last might we stepped into the philosophical realm of discussion. We explored the very idea of what defines "life" as such. We began basic by asking why do we call our existence life and how do we know it is so? We questioned whether this is not some other planet's hell or someone playing a dolls game or who named it so. We were simply considering other possibilities so to speak.
Then we touched into the religious possibilities. Is there such thing as an eternal life? Does that mean this is death by default? If we are only allowed one life, then this must necessarily death. Add to that, the goodness of the after life seems to be the only justification to the suffering, poverty, etc that goes on in this planet.
We also considered the idea of why we cry when we are born, yet upon our departure from this mundane world everyone cries.
Finally, we talked about extinction. There have been many species to become extinct through the ages, why wouldn't humans be subject to the same rule?

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