Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Episode Nine: It Once Was

Recap: Let's start simple, to quote Heraclitus, "change is the only constant."
We started the night by asking why change or why remain. It was straight to the heart of the matter. Why do people/places/things change? Wouldn't it be easier if they remained the same? The unknown -change- is scarier than the known -remaining-. Yet, what would happen if nothing ever changed? We would still be living in Medieval times!
The important point was to try to reach a consensus on whether change is good or bad. But we discovered that the way one views change and, therefore, the way we take that change is subjective. The way we see some experiences changes as one grows. If X happened today we would think Y of it, but if X happened tomorrow we would think Z because we have changed. In the same way, we say if X had changed a different time then it would be different. But, in reality, the only thing that matters is how we see X not when it occurs.
There was, however, a comment that stirred the discussion into a different path. As Darwin said, one of the viewers mentioned, it is all due to survival of the fittest. So we change in order to survive.

Thanks for participating. Keep it up!

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