Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Episode Eleven: Therapy

Recap: Therapy is subjective to say the least.
The show begin with a simple question. Do those who use therapy as means to heal need it or do they simply want it? Therapy seems to be a staple in the present.
We touched upon the uses, abuses and misconceptions of therapy. Such, of course, depend on the kind of therapy. There is the most common or mental therapy. The famous shrinks! But in that case it seems people simply seek someone to listen to them without being judged. In this category, we can also place poetic therapy and music therapy.  It is the power those two things have to transport the person indulging in them to another time. The other category is purely physical. The only actual use of this kind of therapy is that which is given to those who have had an accident and need a third party to push them into recovery. There is acupuncture and aroma therapy which have a physical use yet it also has a mental use.
There are other kind of therapies which though more superficial, they still have a use in such manner. Exercise is used as a way of therapy which is not in the same way as it is used for those victims of an accident. Then, there is retail therapy. That has an amazing power because one tends to forget about the world when walking the halls of a mall. Finally, there is sexual therapy.  It has its complications, but it seems to be therapeutic at times.
Therapy is subjective.

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