Sunday, March 14, 2010

Meet Dory and Nemo

 My parents decided dogs were necessary to make their new house a home. So they adopted two German Shepherds. I am not a pet person, but since I live in their house at the moment I have to accept whatever they decide to do with the place. In this case, they decided to bring these two dogs. I wanted to name them Hakuna Matata, but was, of course, denied to opportunity to do so. My sisters name them instead so they became Dory and Nemo. 
Dory is very playful and though Nemo is a little more cautious, he is very protective of Dory.
Here they are upon their arrival at my parents' house two weeks ago...
(Left: Dory; Right: Nemo)

They have now made it their home...
 (Left: Dory; Right: Nemo)

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