Thursday, March 11, 2010

It HAS to be a joke!

Since I only put gas in my car from Chevron, I have tried to monitored gasoline prices in order to decrease over spending on it.  But lately, the prices have been fluctuating so ridiculously that there is not much room for saving on it.  I know gasoline prices go up to extremely during the Summer, especially in California, but it is STILL Winter! Last week, I went to fill up the tank right before meeting with some friends and this is what the prices looked like. It was the cheapest I had seen it in a while so naturally I got excited about it!

Today, however, I needed to fill up the tank again. There is another station on my way home from work a few blocks away from the one pictured above.  This is what the prices look like today, it is completely ridiculous increase!


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