Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Episode Three: Inter Sex Friendships

Controversy was the main ingredient during last night's show.
A simple question was asked: can boys and girls be truly ONLY friends? The responses could obviously only go two ways. It was a yes or no question, but the reasons for either answer varied greatly. It is safe to say that the answers were based on personal experience, which is what made them interesting. 
There were those who believe it is possible because in their past they have experienced such friendships and some continue to the present.  There are those others who claim it is impossible.  What both groups did agree upon was that there is a sort of invisible line that must not be crossed if the two sexes want to remain friends. Sometimes only one of the parties involved crosses the line and the consequences only affect that person, but when both parties cross the line, then both have to deal with the consequences. If this is the case and the line is crossed, then the friendship is over.  It is well known that there exists those people who have moved a friendship into a romantic or sexual relationship and somehow manage to return to the friendship status in which they were before.  The friendship, however, is not the same as it was. 
There was also another interesting point of view in which it was expressed that one must not forget about the lgbt community.  It was a key point to illustrate the inter sex friendships but as valid as it is, in that case one must ask whether friendship between the same sex is possible, which is a completely different debate.
There were many opinions and it was very interesting to see other people's reasons for their stand in this debate. In the end, most people seemed to believe that friendship between a man and a woman is only possible if they restrain their instincts.
This controversy will continue, nevertheless, forever...

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