Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Episode Six: Time Effects

Time was personified in last night's episode.
Through out the show, time took different human characteristics which provided for an interesting way to view the effects time has on people. The night started at the basic asking whether time is an illusion or whether it is linear or circular thus posing the question of time travel. However, this was not explored at length since there seemed to be other aspects of time interpretation that were far more appealing.
The role time plays in the decision making process was the most intriguing.  It is better to wait and think things through or to be impulsive. So either think about the situation and the consequences in detail before making a decision or simply decide without thinking and accept the consequences as they come. There were arguments in both directions but at the end there seemed to be a consensus that the only thing that changes is the context in which the decision is made and not the decision itself or the consequences.
There was also another concept touched upon that of the healing power of time.  Does time heal or open more wounds? It might just be that time makes people forget the pain or take it for granted so it loses the importance it once has.  But time also infects wounds someone volunteered.  It might just mean that time then does not have any healing powers but it plays with the memory.
Finally, there was a very important aspect of time that came into the discussion. Namely, the idea that if we had enough time everyone can find what they look for. Yet, what happens with the time one loses, so to speak, on that which was not the correct thing or person. 
Well, finding out whether the right thing was next to us or whether time was wasted at the end the important thing to remember is that the truth might hurt but doubt kills.

As always, thanks for all those comments and questions. Keep them coming!

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