Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Episode Seven: A Double Bladed Sword

Ode to hope, that was last night's episode.
The show jumped right to the point by asking why people hope followed by an exposition of why hope is a double bladed sword. Hope is a good thing because it makes people thrive, endure, struggle in an attempt to finding or creating a better opportunity or time. Yet, hope is also a bad thing because it makes people dwell on it and be stuck at a certain stage of their lives holding on to hope as the only way out of what might be a hole in their lives.
Then, there was another point touched upon about whether hope is a self perpetrated sweet torture. People hold on to it for dear life but do not stand up and do whatever it takes to change what it going. Rather, based on hope, they remain at the same place in the same situation torturing themselves with the hope that it will all change. In this same note, hope also becomes a self indulge in believing.
A viewer pointed out that hope is an illusion that needs to be completed by action. Alone hope isn't anything.  Nevertheless, it was also pointed out that hope is all we have. If we make positive use of it, then it can be a helpful tool. Otherwise, it drives us to doom.

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