Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Episode Four: Colored Paper People Kill For

Last night's episode provoked enthralling thoughts about values,  prices, sacrifices, and satisfaction.
It was agreed upon that society has indeed become materialistic aided by the capitalist system that runs the world. Today those who don't have want more and those who have want more. The discussion was opened by provided a piece of advice once acquired about a money:  when it comes to money, it is not the luxury, but the independence, the freedom it provides. It was followed by an explanation of why freedom is so important and what one is capable of doing for it. People do make sacrifices for freedom or money if money brings such freedom.
There was also the idea of whether whatever one has is ever enough. There has been an idea floating around for a long time that there is a much better life than the one i am currently living, but it is SO much more expensive. This lead to the discussion of when is it enough or if there is such a thing as enough. As  result of questioning what enough means, we moved into the idea of what money can actually buy whether material (houses, cars, trips, clothes, shoes, etc) or non-material such as power or happiness. Power is a very important side effect of money. Happiness is a topic for another show but it was briefly touched upon as a way to prove that it is never enough. On that note, we also touched upon whether  money is the only thing worth having because relationships are unreliable.
Later we discussed, the different kinds of money there are such as good money which people use for good deeds or for personal benefit so long as there is not anybody affected by it.  There is also the so called bad money which is to say corrupt money or the money that is used to damage others in whichever way is possible.
Finally, we were lead into a discussion about why people think they are worth more if they have more money.  Bottom line is, does everyone have a price?

As usual, the best part of the show were the multiple comments received from the viewers. Thank you so much kids, you make the show!

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