Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Episode Five: LIES

Truth be told, lies are one of the most abundant expressions.
At first, the question was simply why people lie. For which we discovered there are many reasons.  First of all people lie because they can. Were it known in advance whether they will be caught in the lie, chances are people wouldn't lie. But that is too simple and does not leave room for analysis. So we moved on. People lie because they are afraid of the truth, o f being hurt or of hurting someone else. 
People lie because it gives them power. If someone alone holds the truth, then it can be manipulated. But people also lie because it gives them hope. If they ignore a truth that hurts them in whichever way it does, ignoring it, e.i. lying -to themselves- about it, gives them hope that maybe whatever hurts them isn't real.
There are also different kinds of lies. There are the so called white lies which do not hurt anyone. Then there are the good lies, of sorts, people tell them to prevent hurting someone else. They believe these lies a better option than the truth. Finally, the bad lies. The lies that hurt. In the end, though, they all do.
Liars are not the only side to this. There are also the people who believe the lies. So why do people believe the lies. It is given that if one does not know one has been told a lie, one is likely to believe it, but when one knows they are lies.
Fact or fiction: life can be either one, but we accept a life of fiction if the truth is supposed to set us free?

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