Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Episode Two: Where Does Your Magic Emanate From?

Last night's show had a symbolic meaning that proved a bit overwhelming.
The topic was intended to trigger a feeling of identification.  Everyone has heard about magic, but the kind of magic touched upon in the show was very different than the general understand of what magic is. Spells, charms, potions and curses were not the kind of magic in which the shows rested upon.  Inspiration and the power to inspire are also magic.
As inspiration, magic is important because it leads an artist (a creator of art in any of its forms) to take on the self-inflicted task.  Not everyone is capable of such creations, hence the importance of recognizing when someone is possessor of that magic  and uses it. Then, there is the other kind of magic: the power to inspire people. There are only the selected few who can have their words be heard by others and have those words resonate in the minds of those who heard them.  When this is the case, those people who hear them find an inspiration to change, to improve, to move on, to continue...
As was the case last week, the participation of the viewers was the best part of the show.  There were questions about whether there was bad kind of magic in this context, as well as whether magic is long lasting or fleeing.  There were also those who shared their inspirations.

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