Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Episode One: Even Chaos Can Be Beautiful

Last night's show definitely honored its name.
First, there were some technical difficulties with some viewers which completely took me out of focus. Then, there was the fact that I was having an internal breakdown with the mix of fear and excitement! I do believe excitement won the battle. Otherwise, the show simply would not have happened.  As for the topic of the show, well, it was a rather unexpected illustration of what chaos is. There seemed to be an avalanche of ideas coming from everywhere, and they were all touched upon, but neither was completely developed.  This, of course, calls for a script! Next week should be expected to have a structure of sorts and a more natural flow.
The best part of the show were the interactive viewers. All the texts with questions and suggestions made the show take a route, strange but a route anyway. Those messages made the show seem more real.

I want to thank all of those who watched, and I do hope you can join me again. Keep the texts coming. Let's have fun!

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Episode Two: 
Where does your magic emanate from?


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