Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Tables Move

Passing judgment is society’s best known talent. When it comes to judging women, society definitely has managed to excel. The double standard is without a doubt the best tool to achieve such task. The double standard allows men to move freely through life without being questioned whereas women are observed carefully through a lens that scrutinizes even their breathing rhythm. In the present -and for the past one hundred years or so-, however, women have begun to realize how unacceptable this practice that condemns their every movement is; and, have proceeded to fight against it.

The picture found below was taken from Vogue Spain (December 2009), and it is a simple yet strong display of how the tables are now moving in a new direction in an effort to eradicate the double standard. Difficult times lie ahead as those of intense struggle in the past, but as long as there is progress (though not as quickly as necessary) the fight is worth fighting.


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