Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Sky Melted!

This is right outside of work...

Waiting for my little sister outside of her school, we thought the volume of rain falling might begin to decrease...

Oh! But behold! It became worse!! This is what we had to drive through on our way home at some point!
So right after I took this picture, one of my sisters decided she wanted to take a picture of how high up the water flew as we drove by in the public pool. She lowered the window and not only is it raining as if there is not a tomorrow but it is also extra windy. Well, to top this a car drives right next to us at that exact moment and VOILA! There is a tsunami inside the car!!! We looked liked we were walking on the street instead of inside the car. We were completely soaked!

Finally, this is what the sidewalk (or lack thereof) looked liked right outside of my parents' house when we arrived...



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  1. OH CIELOS!....My fresa quote :)



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