Monday, January 18, 2010

The Sky is Falling!


This is the last I saw of the sun before the sky started melting and falling over this side of the universe. As if the rain wasn't enough, it was ridiculously windy as well. Dyhydrogen Monoxide will continue to shower this industrial landscapes for days.
But these days are always inspiring!
These days present the perfect opportunity to write my life away. It has been during days like these that some of the work that I am most proud to have created came about. It is during these days that forming words as the letters scape my pen one by one and crash into the paper that seems to be calling them eagerly as if they were committing suicide becomes easier. They begin to form thoughts and sentences that twist themselves into stories and poems and rants about nothingness.
There are stories that can sometimes become overwhelming if the imagination is left to its own devices. But they reach an end and tranquility settles once again. Then, there are other stories that thrive to find a conclusion; and, so they turn in every corner to follow new directions hoping to reach it. But they never accomplish their goal.
There are poems so simple and so powerful while there are others that tend to go on stanza after stanza, but without substance. There are the many that leave a mark on those who read them and others which fail to make a contribution to poetry. 
At the end of such blue days, the important outcome is not whether the work created is good or bad, but whether something has actually been created. It is the satisfaction of knowing that though unpublished, I remain an active author.  One that can hope to one day change that prefix. It is a torturous delight, indeed, but one that is worth every second of uncertainty.


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