Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Master Plan 2010 Edition

Let's start by what is somewhat realistic:
- New dwelling place.
           - Out of state, major. Out of the country, heavenly.
- Save a few Ks in order to do the above.
- Visit (at least) three NEW paradises preferably out of the county.
          - Key: NEW. The hometown obviously does not count.

Continue to what might prove to be difficult but not impossible:
- Be thin! (Once and for all this MUST be done!)
- Teach french to the voices inside my head.
- Even breathing should be done in style.

The golden dream:
- The art revolution MUST come from within.
           1. FIND an agent.
           2. Become a PUBLISHED author.

The superficial yet necessary:
- Stop being nice (especially to people who do not deserve it). 'Tis better to be feared than loved in this twisted world. 

Finally, the mundane yet ridiculously important:


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