Sunday, January 10, 2010

An Hour of Peace

Today I went on a hike and I discovered something utterly amazing about such practices. I have never been a big fan of hikes because I have always felt that gyms are for work outs considering that a hike never requires me to push myself. Today, I discovered that hikes are for finding peace of mind -even if only for the time the hike lasts. The hike was an intriguingly peaceful experience. The idea that a simple walk can bring so much peace is a revelation that I had never before come across. As a human, one walks the earth doing and undoing as one pleases, but never recognizing that if one steps out of the bubble one inhabits and juxtaposes oneself with the immensity of the world one is absolutely nothing. Admitting that every time one hikes to the top of a hill and sees the world that exits beyond eye level is simply breathtaking.
The hike also reveals a kind of ecstasy that can only be reached in the moments when one is concentrating on the next step one will take in order not to fall while breathing the somewhat purer air that dwells in the top of the hill. Air that is not contaminated by all the pollution of the city below. It is the fact that one is living the moment and only that. There isn't anything in the world at that point in time. There is only the next step one will take. Of course, there is the sun that warms the skin (at times a little too much, one could argue). There is also the view one can appreciate both on the way to the top and once the top of the hill has been reached. Finally, the way in which the air caresses the skin in such an exquisite moment rounds up the experience to becoming, unknowingly, a bit subliminal.

p.s. More pictures next time I go.
p.s.2 Newsflash! My friend just shared with me that these hikes are even more amazing at night considering the stars that adorn the sky! I cannot wait to check it out! (Mmm I am also thinking about bringing a notebook and a pen next time I make an appearance in that area. I believe there is great potential for art-creation; and, I definitely plan to exploit it.)


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