Monday, December 14, 2009

Holiday Season/End of the Year Weather Forecast!

The end of the year holiday season had always been a time for enjoyment full of spirit! It was a time to enjoy every minute of the twenty four hour day/night convination. It was a season that for a very long time in my life started December 2nd and ended, at the earliest January 6th but it was sometimes extended until February 2nd. That fact not withstanding, the season was always one to celebrate however long it lasted or whether there was plenty or there somehow wasn't enough. The rundown of festivities went from the religiously affiliated to the mundane but there was something to do everyday of the season despite the small size of that little town were I grew up. (Please note that throughout the year there were plenty of festivities as well just not in the magnitude as during this extended holiday season. Also, there is the fact that those who do not permanently reside in the town would make themselves present during said season.)
Though the festivities, as obviously expected, outlive my years in the town, the spirit of them did not travel with me. That spirit remains there for those who continue to return every year and it embraces me when I travel back as well.  Yet, as long as I am away of that small town for the season, I avoid holiday related artifacts, references and the like because it simply does not feel the same.  The season in my current place of residence comes and goes and the monotony of the everyday does not change. Oh, but this year, there is a small change. 
The weather forecast has changed! I will remain here, stuck far away from the land of magical holiday season but the current weather forecast for the end of year/holiday season is (holiday season of course as celebrated here which does not span more than a few days): CLOUDY WITH A VERY HIGH CHANCE OF SUNSHINE!!!

Though arrival date remains unknown (surprise perhaps, or perhaps it would be revealed later), arrival is indeed imminent. The only thing to do in the meantime is wait, so wait I will do! :)


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