Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Autumn’s Spark

November has started, but October...
October is the month when, in the northern hemisphere, the leaves start to turn orange, and the moon shines brighter and for the longest hours.  The weather begins to have a colder feel, yet still warm enough to take a walk in the park.  But such perfection evaporates because it isn't real.
Perfection evaporates...
So I choose to read between the lines, to let actions and words slide pass the reach of my eyes and my ears. I choose to look beyond the horizon and to stop to smell the flowers and hear the wind blow. I would rather explore the moon with my eyes closed as a glass of wine awaits me in a side table or a cup of coffee brews in the kitchen than simply seat and wait.  I choose to read books and not minds because books are concrete and constant fiction while minds are twisted and ever changing. I would rather listen to the rainfall as a lullaby or inspiration because words fly away with the wind; and, the rain, the rain leaves behind a trail of its existence...
In autumn inspiration sets camp in my imagination, autumn takes over my senses. I lose myself in the moments only autumn can bring. Even though autumn announces the death of another year, it will always hold a special place in my heart... but in March, in March life comes back to the garden if only for a second!


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