Friday, October 30, 2009

The Very Present Past

Many years ago when I still lived in a small town, the sight of this (refer to the picture in the right) would not have surprised me. Now, it amuses me!
The small town where I grew up was plagued with horses, cows, donkeys, and the obvious pets: dogs, cats and birds. There were those few daring who had a snake or those shy innovative who had fish, but it all fit perfectly.  Time has passed now that small town has grown, things have changed. It is not quite a metropolis, yet; and, perhaps it might never be one. But life dynamics have change, at least as far as having animals that walk the streets. There are no long a number of specimens to be observed in the main streets. They remain in the outside, in the surroundings areas. Dogs even remain inside the houses. Paved streets can perhaps be thanked for that, but the truth is that it took much more than that and a long period of time for such change to happen as well. Unfortunately, there are so many other things that NEED to change, but continue to be as stable as they have ever been.  Shaken, yes, but they bend...
Returning to the present issue, however, anyone can understand not my surprise but my amusement when I learned there was a sort of farm town in the suburbs.  One expects this kind of encounter in the country, of course, but in the suburbs of one of the most important cities of the country, perhaps the world... That is...well, that just is...rather impressing.
In these area, there are cows, which  are milked everyday and the milk sold to families. There is a massive array of horses of what appears to be different breeds and in all possible colors; and, they are walked every Sunday on a residential area. The streets in that specific area do not look any different than those of my childhood. It is simply amazing and somewhat breathtaking... it is life in the city without stepping out of those roots who saw those people grow. It is taking the past to the present and making it work.
It is also not growing and not moving on. It is remaining. It is also daring... but one cannot have the best of both worlds and remaining in the past does not mean the sun shines as beautiful as it did and the grass is not the same bright green as it was.  It does not mean the rains still falls pure and refreshing as it once did... as all these still are in a place far away physically but very presently embedded and treasured in the memories of many...


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