Friday, September 11, 2009

The Quiet Satisfaction...

...of knowing that someone else believes in her.

Art is life for those who aspire to be artists as much as it is for those who are established. Art completely consumes the artists' time in hopes of coming to life. Artists experience an inner torment that leads them to create what they adore most. However said torment manifests itself, it must be slowly molded and nurtured. It demands care, time and effort. Art simply happens, but most artists expect so much from themselves that it takes them a long time to reveal their creations to the world. Success is not guaranteed in any endeavor, but to fail as an artist is the worst pain the artist can experience. To have it halfway is harder than not having it at all, hence the difficulty artists encounter while deciding to exhibit their art to the world.

PLEASE NOTE: Artist does not mean public persona, but the person who creates art.

Stay tuned for a random but meaningful showcase of my own art. Plus, check out my other blog at The posts stopped a couple of months ago, but it will remain online for a while. Enjoy!


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