Thursday, September 10, 2009

If only I could fly away in the wings of a butterfly...

There is a twisted pleasure to be found in every minute of the torturous wait one spends at an airport. There are two types of airport waits. One occurs when one is leaving and must wait for the flight to depart. The other occurs when one arrives and one waits for one's luggage. There are major differences between those types of waits as it is obvious.
The kind of torture one experiences while one is waiting for a flight to depart is the root of the pleasure. It means both that one is waiting to go home or that one awaits to step on a airplane that will take one to a new adventure. The wait before going home is simple and occurs often. It is mostly unmemorable. It means one will soon return to a so called normal life. That is the torture of return. The torture of knowing that greatness is over. On the other hand, the moments one spends waiting for an airplane that will take one to a new, perhaps never visited before location are the beginning of a self-perpetrated psychological torture that began the day one decided to make the trip. One awaits to step inside that plane because one will be closer to the new adventure. It is torture to simply think about how the city that awaits when one steps off the airplane will look. It is torture but it is a twisted pleasure in waiting for what will be.
The other kind of wait one experiences at the baggage claim area is a time to wonder. It means one has arrived somewhere. When that somewhere is home, there is not much to be said. One returns and that is all there is to it. Normal life continues and one can only hope that the period of time one will spend there before the next trip will be
special in its own way. At other times, waiting at the baggage claim represents the last minutes before one finally has the chance to forget about one's life for a few days. It is a the torture of knowing that outside the airport doors bliss awaits!

LAX I hate you because you represent my return from a wonderful adventure wherever it was, whatever it was, however fantastic and fabulous or however unrealistically simple it was. Yet, dear LAX, you are also a place I truly enjoy being tortured at while I make the journey through security and wait for a flight. Where will you send me next?! I CANNOT wait!!


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