Monday, September 21, 2009

Dreams come true, not easy

There are simple afternoons that are ever so perfect. There is not a porch where to seat and from where to enjoy the view of the country extending in vastness. But a porch is not necessary. There is a tree that provides a shade and a chair where to seat to enjoy the afternoon. The glass of wine on the side table next to the chair occupies a small space, but it will not remain unnoticed for long. The aroma dwells around the glass rim threatening to depart like some thoughts run away.
A book awaits to be read on the chair...
She seats on the chair after picking up the book and starts reading. There are good chapters like there are great days with the blue sky. There are bad chapters as there are nights without stars. But the reading continues while she lends her lips to the rim of the glass at regular intervals through the book.
The sunset drains through the horizon as she glances through the pages of her book. Magical and so impossibly possible.
Someday. But today is not that day...


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