Thursday, September 24, 2009

564 Days

he was there. so was she. exchange of glances. simple. he look great. she shied away. scared to let her eyes be seen smiling.
he looked. he looked too.
hellos interchanged. days passed. life went on. waiting. talking. waiting. life went on. waiting was exhausting. so they met again. talked. danced. talked. waiting was like drops of rain in the desert on a sunday morning. it was hope. but halfway was harder than not at all. yet it was better than not at all as well because with halfway at least there was the sweet self-perpetrated torture of hope. the dream continues. it always goes on. but reality is better. waiting. waiting was the key. waiting drives a need. it causes one to miss what one never had. but one day will if one just waits long enough...


©Copyrighted 2009

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